• Wall Mounted Infrared TRIO MANHATAN Heater Heating Panel

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Heaters TRIO™ provide the same thermal effect as the sun. The heater is based on infrared (long wave), it heats objects in the room, but not the air. It is a healthy and extremely convenient heating for the home, thanks to which we save electricity and therefore money. The feeling of comfort is higher thanks to the long-wave infrared technology at a temperature of 20 C than when using a convector heater with high power consumption at a temperature of up to 25 C.




  • very easy and convenient to transport and install
  • an option to buy a Wi-Fi adapter and control the heater using a smartphone
  • innovative flexible panel using infrared technology - heats objects in the room, not the air, does not eliminate oxygen from the air
  • 2 power levels
  • the main part of the radiator is made of a bending and breaking resistant carbon fiber heating film
  • very light - weighs about 800g


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Cable length 1.6 m. 

Greater heating and energy efficiency compared to other radiators.

Safe for children and pets - hands and other parts of the body cannot be burned because the surface temperature does not exceed 70 ° C.



Can be used in:

  • bedroom and living room;
  • office;
  • children's room;
  • bathroom;
  • summer cottage;
  • garage;
  • shop;


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