• Górka 5 set KHAKI jacket + pants + suspenders

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Set: jacket, pants and suspenders..

Size: L / XL / XXL


Modification of the "Gorka-5" storm set,  designed for everyday wear conditions in the field every six months. The set reflects the modern concept of a storm suit for special forces. "These costumes can be seen on the machine gunner of the search and assault group, on the security officer of the Security Service of Ukraine and on the sniper of the special forces unit veveshnogo - everyone is definitely a good thing that has become a symbol of belonging to the "war workers."

The most popular costume unit, it has proven to be a comfortable and practical field uniform, as well as a suit for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities. It protects well against wind and rain, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects.

After absorbing the best of the prototype suit, this mod has some performance improvements. Thus, the upper layers of the shoulder area, in addition to typical reinforcement plates, are made of a mixed fabric, which increases the stain resistance of these zones.

The cut of the costume is made so that when the linings are connected to the main fabric of khaki color, the silhouette of the person is divided into different distances. The suit is designed to protect against precipitation, strong changes in wind and temperature.

The Hill 5 set consists of a jacket with 8 pockets and pants with 4 pockets. The special free tailoring of the suit allows freedom of movement during active actions.

To better fit the body, the Gorka-5 costume has a screed system based on a rubber braid on the sleeves, under the knees, and a drawstring at the bottom of the jacket and hood in two volumes. This prevents cold wind and dust from entering the suit. Elastic fabric tape at the bottom of the pants.

The jacket has:

- The jacket is fastened with a zipper, additionally covered with a double stripe, which is fastened with Velcro. This provides full protection against product blowout;

- hood with two-volume adjustment with clamps;

- two waist pockets with wallpaper valves;

- two chest pockets with zippers;

- on each sleeve there is a pocket with a zipper;

- 2 inner breast patch pockets, fastened with a button;

- Handles on the sleeves based on a braid of rubber and fabric;

- The volume of the jacket at the bottom and waist is regulated with a drawstring and handles.

The pants have:

- trousers with a wide belt with an elastic band;

- there are belt and harness loops on the belt;

- two slit pockets on the sides;

- two upper volumetric pockets on the sides with a Velcro flap;

- handles under the knees based on a rubber band;

- elastic pants are attached to the pants (included);

- there is a rubber band at the bottom.

The main fabric is strong oblique, 40% cotton / 60% polyester, density 210 g / m. We use a fabric of exactly this density because it is optimally leaving the set as light as possible with excellent strength indicators

Additional fabric layer, greta or twill, with increased color fastness, is used to trim and strengthen critical areas for wear and rubbing (back, chest, shoulders, elbows, knees, buttocks, thighs and the underside of the leg).


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