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Constructor Set Great Wall Of The China mini-bricks

A ceramic brick model kit will help to make the creative potential of your child a reality. Let him choose - assemble this model according to the instructions, or indulge in a creative impulse and realize the most incredible fantasies!

The project aims to: develop fine motor skills of the hands; spatial thinking and logic; mindfulness and accuracy. The model kit will allow your child to learn the basics of construction and help in choosing a future profession.


Construction details can be easily joined with glue. The designer's manufacturing and fastening technology makes it not only strong, but also universal. To dismantle a building, it is enough to leave it for 30 minutes. in water, dry and the parts are ready for use again!

The set is intended for both children and adults.

We have many models from which you can build an entire city according to your own idea.


It has all CE certificates. It is ecological and safe.

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The "entrance tower" designer kit includes: 

  • paper base (which is the basis of the future building) cardboard roofing; 
  • mini bricks; 
  • tile; 
  • glue; 
  • instructions for general orders and drawings (defining the order of construction). 


Includes small parts. Use only under adult supervision.


Number of elements - 1530

Size - 61,5 x 14 x 26 cm


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