• Anti-theft case for Paypass payment cards

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Anti-theft cases for Paypass payment and contactless cards - effectively protect your money..

Product features:

  • Brand new, high quality product.
  • The case is a screened cover for cards, protecting our data and money against "contactless theft".
  • RFID signal blocking cases for payment cards. Intended for cards using contactless technology, e.g. Paypass, Paywave, wave, blink.
  • It protects against unauthorized reading and theft of proximity cards.
  • It is enough to put the card in a special case to block the signal emission and thus prevent unauthorized reading of the card data. If you want to pay conveniently by holding the card close to the reader in a store or restaurant, just take it out of the case.
  • Perfectly fits any wallet (fits in the card slot).
  • Very thin - the thickness of the folded page.
  • White color
  • Plastic packaging
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