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Clamp cleat for boat or pontoon.


Anchor cleat is used for fast, convenient and reliable fastening of the anchor line anywhere (not only at the anchor at the bottom, but also when lifting).

The main advantage of this cleat is the ability to attach a rope with a diameter of 4 mm to 10 mm, which is perfect for most models of modern inflatable boats made of PVC fabric (Kolibri, Bark, Storm, etc..).

The anchor clamp is equipped with a hard plastic lock with a V-profile that allows the anchor rope to be quickly secured in the desired position. The eye bolt holds the anchor line securely. All you need to do is pull the rope towards you and the rope will be "released" from the lock immediately.

Several cleats can be installed on the boat, for example in the bow of the boat and on the stern deck, this option is convenient if it is practiced to install the boat on two anchors "on the other side of the stream".

Another advantage of this eyeball is the curved base, which corresponds to the shape of the inflatable boat balloon, which greatly simplifies the assembly (gluing) process on the PVC boat.


The main characteristics of the cleats:

  • The base material is PVC
  • The size of the fish: 225x170x50
  • Rope diameter: 4-10 mm
  • Colour: black.


The cleat is mounted separately or, as a rule, in tandem with an anchor roller, which prevents the side of the boat from rubbing against the anchor.

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