• Repair Kit Black Dr. Boat + PVC patch + Reinforcing mesh + Glue box

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Repair Kit Black Dr. Boat + PVC patch + Reinforcing mesh + Glue box


*DR.BOAT 2 IN 1 specialized ADHESIVE FOR PVC inflatable boats and pools (glue and liquid patch) with a cold welding effect + reinforcing mesh for free.

We offer an innovative and specialized new adhesive for the repair of PVC products. It can be used to stick pontoons, swimming pools, tarpaulins, etc..
Main advantages and differences from other adhesives:

The glue is specialized. The formula of the adhesive is designed in such a way that it can be used to repair items used in fresh and salt water.
You can use it as a standard patch glue or as a liquid patch.
During gluing, it does not require the use of hardener and heating.
After drying, it retains the strength and flexibility of the glued object.
It is durable and flexible.
Brief instructions for use:

Variant with a patch:

We carefully degrease the glued surfaces. We lubricate the patch and the glued object with a thin layer of glue. We put the patch on the object to be glued and press it down and keep it for 1 minute. The minimum drying time is 6 hours, but it's best to wait 24 hours.

A variant without the use of a summerka:

We degrease the damaged place.
The glued object should be secured against moving.
Apply glue to the damaged place with a thick layer on the surface 1 cm larger than the damage.
We wait 20 minutes.
We apply a second thick layer.
After 5 hours, remove the protection against movement and after 24 hours the glued object can be used.
In the case of larger damage (cut above 3 cm), the repair is carried out using a reinforcing mesh, which comes complete with glue. We prepare a mesh 2 cm larger than the damage. Thoroughly degrease the surface. We apply glue to the damaged place and press it into the mesh. After 20 minutes, apply the glue again on the surface 1.5 cm larger than the previous layer. The glued place is sufficiently strong after 24 hours.

DR.BOAT - is a product capable of removing virtually any defect caused to a PVC tissue product at the molecular level.

· High adhesion,
· UV resistant,
· Vulcanization (monolith with product),
· Elastyczna,
· The original properties of the material base are preserved.

The product does not freeze at a relative negative temperature, but it is not worth repairing your product at low temperatures.
Important! If the glue is used, transported or stored in the cold season at a temperature below + 18°C, place the glue on a room radiator or in warm water (approximately 50 - 60°C) for 2 - 3 hours before use.
*Reinforcing Mesh
 Reinforcing mesh, 20 cm long and 5 cm wide. 

Used for reinforcement or repair together with Liquid Patch PVC, Liquid PVC Ulow, Dr. Boat etc.

We recommend using this mesh when repairing cuts or holes over 2 cm.


Directions for use:

1) Clean and degrease the damaged place.

2) Put on the net.

3) Apply a layer of liquid PVC on top.

It is important to apply the liquid PVC wider by min. 1 cm than the edges of the mesh on each side.

You should also wait a few hours after the repair before using the equipment you are repairing.

The mesh forms a uniform layer with liquid PVC and the repaired area will be strengthened beyond the original strength of the equipment.


*PVC repair patch for inflatable boat

Available Patch Color:




PVC patch repair patch to stick to the pontoon of the pool kayak the tarpaulin green color.

The patch is made of exactly the same material as the factory-made professional inflatable boats.


1. Made of 5 layers of good quality PVC, strong, waterproof, safe and durable.

2. Resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal damage.

3. Easy to use, you can cut it to a smaller size as needed.

4. 6 patches in the package, enough to fix a lot of things.

5. It fits perfectly on Bark, Kolibri, Pro Marine, Zodiak, Bush and other inflatable boats as well as tarpaulins for trucks, inflatable rafts, pools, toys etc.


*Hermetic waterproof box for glue

The box is made of a hard and damage-resistant plastic, reusable. The lid is connected to the container with a safety element that prevents its loss.


1. Fully waterproof.

2. Roomy enough to keep a few things safe while swimming.

3. A very convenient and handy solution for securing a few moisture-sensitive items. matches, documents, lighter, cigarettes, float, hooks, stoppers, weights, knife, fireflies and others.


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