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A specialized comb to combat lice and nits with 100% efficiency.


  • Double micro-cuts along each tooth damage and kill even the tiniest nits.
  • The distance between the teeth is smaller than the diameter of the nits, which guarantees accuracy and efficiency.
  • The long teeth of the comb allow more nits to be removed with a minimum of combing.
  • The rounded tips of the teeth are gentle on the scalp.
  • Teeth made of stainless steel, resistant to moisture and chemicals.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Integrated magnifier with cap.
  • A toothbrush used to remove parasites from the teeth of the combs

About the product:

The KILL LICE comb is suitable for all hair types. It works by mechanically damaging and removing lice and nits. The nits die, which ends the life cycle of lice and ... head lice.

Thanks to its well-thought-out structure, the comb provides 100% effectiveness even without the use of kitsicides and can be used as a curative and preventive treatment..

Chemicals are not always fully effective. In addition, they can irritate the scalp and the applications must be repeated. After applying them, the dead parasites should be combed out anyway.

The KILL LICE comb replaces all preparations for lice and nits. For children and people who are allergic or sensitive to the use of various preparations designed to combat head lice, the KILL LICE comb is a natural alternative that guarantees complete removal of parasites.

During periods of particularly severe disease, daily control combing of the hair with the KILL LICE comb enables early detection of infection before parasite infestation becomes difficult to control.


Lice is not a shame!

It is not a dirt disease.

Children should regularly inspect their heads. Teach them not to put on someone else's scarves, hats, clothes, and not to borrow combs or hair bands. Note on the selfie!

Instructions for use:

Use a regular comb to comb dry or slightly damp hair first, then use a KILL LICE comb to comb through the strand after strand until it is free of lice and nits. Repeat the operation on the entire scalp, taking care not to mix combed hair with contaminated hair (those that have not yet been combed). Repeat these treatments as many times as needed. The magnifying glass in the comb cap will help you spot even the smallest nits.

The procedure is best performed in disposable gloves.

  • After each use, use the brush integrated in the comb to carefully clean its teeth.
  • Additionally, they can be rinsed under running water after each brushing.
  • Disinfect metal teeth with 70% alcohol.
  • Wash the toothbrush and remove any dead parasites.

We care about ecology:

All parts of the comb are recyclable.

Its use alone avoids the need to use chemical preparations for lice.



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