• Extension, engine height regulator, transom for a pontoon

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Adjustable boat transom extension under the engine.

We have transom extensions with a width of 17-21mm. (Please measure the board without the plastic strip).

Fits most BARK, Kolibri, Elling, Storm etc. inflatable boats. If you have a wider transom, it is possible to modify it manually to a greater width by unscrewing the screws and adding an additional element between the walls of the extension.

Allows for optimal adjustment of the depth of immersion of the motor in the water to avoid air intake or too deep immersion of the motor, which reduce the efficiency of the motor by up to 50%.

Application advantages:

  • adds speed,
  • makes it easier to get out to full slide,
  • dodaje sterowności pontonu,
  • reduces fuel consumption.

It is mounted with four screws to the pontoon's transom board, which allows for adjustment for various types of engines and height.

Made of waterproof and non-slip plywood, which ensures reliable fastening of the motor mount clamps to the regulator surface.

Easy assembly, because all you need to do is to drill four screw holes in the pontoon's transom.

We have different versions, so please inform the seller about the thickness of the pontoon transom.

They fit various types of inflatable boats like Kolibri, BARK, Elling Storm, Promarine, Fishing, Bush etc..


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