• 5m BARS 150mm universal protection slat for inflatable boats

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The price is given for 5 m / b.

A protective slat for a 150 mm dinghy. We offer you an original protective slat for inflatable boats and kayaks.

This slat is designed to strengthen the bottom and sides of a pontoon or kayak and guarantees safety when using equipment on rivers and reservoirs with a rocky shore or bottom, or with a lot of branches in the water. Strengthening the bottom of the pontoon increases damage resistance up to 300%. The slat is made of flexible material and is very easy to stick even for a person who has never done it.

We also recommend other slats for tuning the pontoon that are on our auctions. All the slats we sell are suitable for inflatable boats of such producers: Kolibri Bark Eling Storm Navigator.

Video instructions on how to stick a protective slat on the pontoon (pontoon bottom armoring)

  • Rewelacja, zrobiłem tymi listwami cały dół pontonu kolibri 2.60 i muszę przyznać że teraz kamienie w rzece mu nie straszne. A jeżeli chodzi o składanie, to byłem mile zaskoczony że nie jest sztywny jak ch.... J i pięknie mieści się do oryginalnej torby 💪więc jeśli ktoś ma obawy to z czystym sumieniem polecam.
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