• SPIRAL mosquito and midge repeller for 80 hours

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An effective insecticide spiral against mosquitoes and flies by BROS

The mosquitoes in the garden bother you? The family grill is disturbed by fluff? The BROS insecticide spiral comes in handy!

Insect killer spiral for fighting mosquitoes and fluff in open areas.

The vapors emitted from the incandescent spiral effectively fight mosquitoes and flies, and protect the protected area against the arrival of other insects. One spiral works up to 8 hours!


10x BROS spiral to fight against mosquitoes and fluff

  • Perfect for summer evenings
  • One spiral gives up to 8 hours of protection
  • 10 pieces in the package
  • Extremely easy to use
  • They protect the area against the entry of other insects
  • Metal "stand" for spirals included

Usage method

1. Remove the spiral from the package.

2. Separate adjacent spirals starting from the outer ends.

3. Bend the tab of the metal support and put the spirals on it.

4. Light the end of the spiral.

5. Blow out the flame and leave the tip glowing.



Active substance: d-allethrin 0,2% (0,2g/100g)

Permit no: 3682/09

Number of pieces in the package: 10

Weight: 100g (the entire package)

Manufacturer: BROS

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